Saturday, 2 August 2008

Blog blah!!

This blogging is harder than I thought, actually coming up with content is easy putting it down on here is the tricky part...mmmmnnn

Have been doing a lot of work for our American friends this week, there seems to be a growing dance radio trend in the States, interesting seeing as the major players in the early days were all Americans. However, it's still fairly niche with many stations who originally adopted a hybrid of hip hop/dance/r n b have now completely flipped urban. The hip hop fans don't like dance and the dance fans don't dig rap. Radio friendly dance can sound shit make no mistake, the burn out on Cahill "Trippin on you " is a good example as is "Pjanoo", tiresome after a couple of plays.

At least with the resurgence of Bassline we are getting proper some songs too...